Nick Hunter

Managing Director, Linkline Crew

Nick has been Linkline’s MD since 2003, joining the company in 1996. Responsible for all aspects of Linkline Crew, Nick works closely with Exec Producers, Producers ,Production Managers and Facility Houses to ensure they have the right crew members for all aspects of their production. With peerless knowledge of contemporary crewing, Nick has key expertise in crew budgets of all sizes, equipment, contracts, procedure and specialist shooting situations, having worked closely with PM’s on all aspects of their shoots for the past 20 years! Nick manages the many hundreds of bookings that are made at Linklinecrew on a weekly basis with efficiency, expertise and good humour! With particular responsibility for the crew on Linkline books, Nick overseas each crew members diary and is responsible for all aspects of their client management, retention, growth and focus. Previously Nick has worked for News International where he was responsible for the company’s London division of sales management and projection.


Liza Hunter

Company Director, Linkline Crew

Sharing equal responsibility managing Linkline Crew, Liza is Linkline’s other partner and first started working at Linkline when she was 17 years old! With key expertise in crew management, one of Liza’s key responsibilities within the company is to work with new clients, ensuring Linkline’s growth and continued reputation of excellence amongst contemporary UK Production and Facility houses. Passionate about marketing and new business, Liza additionally overseas and manages Linkline’s growing presence on social media , ensuring the incredible work of Linkline’s crew members is shared, promoted and publicised on a global level! Taking key responsibility for the pastoral side of Linkline, Liza ensures Linkline’s crew have access to the best supplementary care, augmenting their professional wellbeing, from legal representation to healthcare provision. A trained journalist, Liza has written for The Guardian and The Independent and has a background in both TV and Radio Production, wining the Silver Sony Award in 1997 for her work as reporter on ‘Law With The Flaw’.