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Linkline Diary Service - Camera ImageLinkline Diary Service was formed in 1986. We represent Lighting Cameramen, Sound Recordists and Camera Assistants (most of whom also operate). All of our crews work in the Documentary and Corporate areas of the industry and many have experience in Features, Dramas and Commercials.

Linkline Diary Service - CansOur crews are familiar with all of the formats currently being used and many have extensive knowledge of film.

Although we are able give approximate rates for both individual technicians and complete packages, we do not get involved with final negotiations or invoicing, this should be discussed between the client and the technician. Linkline does not charge any fee to clients.

To book crew or for any more information, give us a call and Nick, Sufia or Carole will be happy to help.

Contact UsT: +44 (0)20 8426 2200E: mail@linklinecrew.com